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September 01, 2016

Brave Girls – Yoo Hoo

Release Date: 2016.09.01
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Track :

01. 유후 (우린 아직 여름) (Yoo-Hoo)(We're Still In Summer)

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  1. plz upload songs that appear in korean music chart:
    NELL - C (Dream Catcher *title)
    Bolbbalgan4 - RED PLANET (우주를 줄게 (Galaxy) *title)


  2. Min..... Please.......
    Upload this mp3 new K-Pop

    01.[Single] VX – 너 뭐야!

    02.[Single] FLASHE – 이쁜걸

    I hope you can upload this mp3
    Thanks........... Min

  3. Please update Younha - I Believe OST Cinderella and four knights part. 5 ...


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