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Hello everyone !
Hope you guys have a nice day and in a good condition :)

Today I'm writing this just to inform you all, in case you haven't follow KMusicDL's twitter (@kmusicdl) or KMusicDL's facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KMusicDLnew/) please do follow or like !

The reason is because I already got 4th strike and all because of some OST, so I believe when the time which I will get 5th strike, this website will be deleted. (*deadagain*)

So please, if you haven't follow or like our sns (facebook or twitter), please do it now :)
Just for prevention, in case this website will get deleted again, so you will know the new website I make.
I'm now in the process of making the new one, and I believe the new one won't be delete (by that...) again. so hope you guys can be patient.

I'm sorry too for not being able to update all new songs today (I read your comment and the chatbox), cause I need time to make the new website, hope you guys can understand.

Anyway, this is the end of my message. Thank you for reading this ! and don't forget to follow or like ^^

Have a nice day everyone~~

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