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May 03, 2017

Yong Jun Hyung – WONDER IF

Release Date: 2017.05.02
Genre: R&B / Soul
Language: Korean
Track List :

01. 지나친 사랑은 해로워 (Too Much Love Kills Me)

02. 그대로일까 (Wonder If)(Feat. Heize)

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  1. Plz upload LOONA 1/3 "Love & Evil" album, 감사합니다!^^

  2. Min.... Thanks you very much for update new song kpop.

    Min..... Request this 2 album k-pop new.

    01.[Single] VARSITY – VARSITY 2nd Single Album 'Hole In One' (MP3)

    02.[Mini Album] LOONA 1/3 – Love & Evil (MP3)

    Min..... I hope you can upload plz help me
    Thanks min......


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