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April 25, 2017

JONGHYUN – JONGHYUN The Collection 'Story Op.2'

Release Date: 2017.04.24
Genre: R&B / Soul, Ballad, Folk, Jazz
Language: Korean
Track List :

01. Lonely (Feat. TaeYeon)

02. 1000

03. 멍하니 있어 (Just Chill)

04. Love Is So Nice

05. 눈싸움 (Blinking Game)

06. 엘리베이터 (Elevator)

07. 놓아줘 (Let Me Out)

08. 벽난로 (Fireplace)

09. 따뜻한 겨울 (Our Season)

10. 바퀴 (Where are you) (CD Only)

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1 comment:

  1. Min.please can you upload please album.MOMOLAND - 어마어마해 (Wonderful Love)
    Bonusbaby - 어른이 된다면 (If Become An Adult) i hope you can upload please please upload please please min.


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