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March 25, 2016

LYn – Descendant Of The Sun OST Part.7

Release Date: 2016.03.24
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Track List :

01. With You

02. With You (Inst.)

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  1. Why again it says "you have an advert blocking browser extension"? Is it only me? Help! :-(

    1. please try to use chrome and just click continue if that warning appears.

    2. I have already tried each and every way either that be chrome or opera mini.. still it's not happening. :( :(

    3. I use google chrome and I use adblock, and I also got the same problem like you. But you can click 'continue' button or you pause your adblock first (if you use adblock), then reload the page. Hope it'll help you.

    4. It finally worked... :) Happy now! :)

    5. Thank you for your suggestions! :)

  2. i have the same problem here :( the page always "Warning!

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    I've tried to reload it thousands times, but it doesn't help :(
    whot do i do now? please help :(
    fyi, i don't have adblock in my comp.

  3. Why I can't download from pcloud?

  4. Why I can't download from pcloud?


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