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August 10, 2017

Coffee Boy – Summer Night Fault

Release Date: 2017.06.30
Genre: Ballad
Language: Korean
Track List:

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01. 전화해줄래 (I'll Call You)

02. 그럴 리 없어요 (No Way)

03. 안녕 오로라 (Hello Aurora)(Feat. 주하)

04. 놀이터 (Playground)

05. 여름밤 탓 (Summer Night Fault)(Narration)

06. 이게 사랑이 아니면 뭔가요 (If It Ain't Love Then)

07. 너는 특별해 (I'm Special)

08. 떠난대도 (Leaving)(Remastered)

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