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August 04, 2017

Girls’ Generation – Holiday Night

Release Date: 2017.08.04
Genre: Dance, Ballad, Blues, R&B / Soul
Language: Korean
Track List:

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01. Girls Are Back

02. All Night

03. Holiday

04. FAN

05. Only One

06. One Last Time

07. Sweet Talk

08. Love Is Bitter

09. 오랜 소원 (It's You)

10. Light Up the Sky

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  2. Can u upload bride of water god ost & lookout ost part 7 pls

  3. Please upload The Bride Of Water God OST

  4. 1.[Single] The Rose – 1st Single ‘Sorry’ (MP3)

    2.[Single] Real Girls Project – PINGPONG GAME (MP3)

    3.[Single] Apple.B – WooChuChu (MP3)

    5.[Mini Album] Drug Restaurant – Pomade (MP3)

    6.[Single] BGM4 – Americano (Feat. FEELGOOD) (MP3)

    7.[Mini Album] Monoi Project – Summer Candy (MP3)

    8.[Single] Yoo Young Jin, TAEYONG – Cure – SM STATION (MP3)

    I Hope You Can Uploud Please Min.

  5. Thank u so much,
    But I have something to request please update OST songs 🙏🙏🙏


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