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August 10, 2017

Primary – Shininryu

Release Date: 2017.08.04
Genre: R&B / Soul
Language: Korean
Track List:

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01. On (Feat. Samuel Seo & 죠지)

02. Baby (Feat. Joo Young)

03. 상상해 (Imagination)(Feat. Chancellor & pH-1)

04. ~42 (Feat. Sam Kim & esNa)

05. 알아 (I Know)(Feat. Sumin)

06. 오늘은 왠지 (Today Somehow)(Feat. OFA)

07. 밤꽃 (Night Flower) (Feat. Car & The Garden)

08. 미지근해 (Lukewarm)(Feat. Cokebath)

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    I Hope You Can Uploud Please Min.


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