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June 11, 2016

EXO – EX'ACT (Korean + Chinese Version)

Release Date: 2016.06.09
Genre: Dance, Ballad, R&B / Soul, Rap / Hip-hop
Language: Korean + Chinese
Track List :

*I've added another link, please see the title name of the song*

[CD 1 (Korean Ver.)]

01. Lucky One

02. Monster

03. Artificial Love

04. Cloud 9

05. Heaven

06. 백색소음 (White Noise)

07. 유리어항 (One and Only)

08. They Never Know

09. Stronger

10. Lucky One (Inst.)

11. Monster (Inst.)

[CD 2 (Chinese Ver.)]

01. Lucky One (Chinese Ver.)

02. Monster (Chinese Ver.)

03. Artificial Love (Chinese Ver.)

04. Cloud 9 (Chinese Ver.)

05. Heaven (Chinese Ver.)

06. White Noise (Chinese Ver.)

07. One and Only (Chinese Ver.)

08. They Never Know (Chinese Ver.)

09. Stronger (Chinese Ver.)

*To listen to the audio please look at the bottom screen and click play button, and to listen to the next track click next button. enjoy ~
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  1. THANKS for uploading EX'ACT! I've been waiting for this album! (:

  2. Thanks for uploaded this album. Ironically, when I opened this blog it the same as what I dreamt. LOL! XD

  3. Lucky one korean vers can't download

  4. EXO Monster - Korean Version unable to download for both links :(

  5. Why i can't download any of the songs? Please fix the link..

  6. 1,2,3,9 Korean Album can't open and download 😢😢

  7. Thanks upload Album exo - Ex Act
    Please upload this new song k-Pop
    Heyne - Love Cells
    Please min upload
    Thanks min..... thanks you very much......

    1. Please upload new song k-Pop plz.... update

  8. Please fix the link as soon as possible. I can't download some of them

  9. Admin-nim, it seems like Monster Korean version's links are broken. I tried both links, but I couldn't download the song. >< And, also! Thank you very much for your hard work! Thank you!!

    1. all the link 1 are still working fine. If you open it from your phone you need to download mega app first.

  10. can't download korean ver, pls fix it..

    1. I've added another link, please see the title of the song, and click it.

  11. Im very tempted to dl it. But i have orderd both albums. So im going to wait. But thx all the same for uploading so fast.

  12. thanks for add new link.. ❤.

  13. thank you for adding new link... :-)

  14. Thank's for another link. And I'm sorry for bothering you cause that oldest link. I think mypcloud more easy than drive google, but it just my opinion. Once again. THANK YOU 😄


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