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June 06, 2016


Release Date: 2016.06.01
Genre: Ballad, Dance
Language: Korean
Track List :

01. 데려다줄래 (Will You Take Me)

02. L.I.E

03. 알면서 (I Know)

04. Hello (HaNi Solo)


06. 3% (Solji Solo)

07. Only One

08. 당연해 (Of Course)

09. 냠냠쩝쩝 (Are You Hungry)(정화&혜린)

10. 여름, 가을, 겨울, 봄 (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

11. GOOD

12. Hot Pink (Remix)

13. L.I.E (JANNABI Mix)

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  1. Thanks you very much uploaded all song new k-Pop.
    Please upload the new k-Pop plz.......

    01.[SINGLE] Seo In Young - Hugged By You

    02.[MINI ALBUM] KNK - Awake

    03.[SINGLE] Heize - And July

    04.[SINGLE] April (Chae Kyung & Chae Won) - Clock

    05.[ALBUM] Beenzino - 12

    06.[SINGLE] BTS (Rap Monster & Jungkook) - I Know

    07.[ALBUM] Giriboy - Mechanical Album

    08.[SINGLE] Heyne - Love Cells

    09.[SINGLE] Icia - Time Bom

    10.[SINGLE] Gavy NJ & 6 To 8 - Between Us

    I Hope You Can Upload I'm write this.
    Please ..... upload this song open chart k-Pop song.
    Please............ upload min.................

  2. Can you upload exo exact album. Thank you

  3. Can you upload exo exact album. Thank you


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