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February 16, 2016

Double S 301 (SS301) – ETERNAL 5

Release Date: 2016.02.16
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Track List :


02. PAIN

03. 21GRAM


05. 바빠서 미안해 (Sorry I'm Busy)

06. PAIN (Inst.)

07. 21GRAM (Inst.)

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  1. Please uploaded new song Kpop This
    [Mini Album] Bloomy – Blooming Day [1st Mini Album] (MP3)
    [Single] A.SOME - Temptress (MP3)

    [Album] BIGBANG – MADE SERIES [Japanese] (MP3)
    [SINGLE] Rooftop House Studio, Madtown, Wa$$up - Do You Know My Heart (MP3)
    VX First Mini Album OMG (MP3)

    Please..... Uploaded .thanks you very uploaded all song new kpop.
    I hope you Uploaded mp3 I Wrote This .please...................
    ..................................Upload.......thanks you very much. Please help me .... Uploaded this song new kpop

  2. annyeong~ dont forget to upload this new kpop song plz:

    [Single] Seul Ong & Yoon Hyun Sang — On The Way to Love
    [Single] G.Soul — Smooth Operator
    [Single] Brave Girls — Deepened
    & CLC — Choco Bank OST Part.1

    plz upload juseyooo~ thank u very much ^~^

  3. Microdot - Celebrate (feat. The Quiett, Babylon, Sanchez) G.Soul - Smooth Operator (feat. San E ) Brave Girls - 변했어 (Deepened) i hope you can upload please


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