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July 31, 2017

JJ Project – Verse 2

Release Date: 2017.07.31
Genre: R&B / Soul, Ballad, Rap / Hip-hop, Rock
Language: Korean
Track List:

01. Coming Home

02. 내일, 오늘 (Tomorrow, Today)

03. On&On

04. Icarus

05. Don't Wanna Know

06. Find You

07. 그날 (CD ONLY)

08. Fade Away (CD ONLY)

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  1. hi admin! im sorry for requesting this but i really rely on u! bcs other internet link is not working out anymore. so i hope u can help me🙏 pls pls pls upload all of mas0094 songs & album. if not all, one or two is okay.부탁해요 애드민 님🙏

  2. 1.[Single] JOO WON TAK – Baby Goodnight (MP3)

    2.[Single] Park Kyung – Space Oddity Project Vol.1 (MP3)

    3.[Mini Album] GFRIEND – The 5th Mini Album `PARALLEL` (MP3)

    4.[Single] Cheon Danbi, YESUNG – Today, a bit more (MP3)

    5.[Single] AlphaBAT – Get Your Luv (MP3)

    6.[Single] Raina – Loop (MP3)

    7.[Mini Album] LONGGUO & SHIHYUN – the.the.the (MP3)

    8[Mini Album] ONF – ON/OFF (MP3)

    9.[Mini Album] Samuel – SIXTEEN (MP3)

    10.[Full Album] N.Flying – 2nd Mini Album ‘THE REAL : N.Flying’

    Min I Hope You Can Uploud Please.


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